240 Watt Slim ShoeBox LED Fixture 100-277 Driver

240 Watt Slim ShoeBox LED Fixture 100-277 Driver
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Product Description

240-Watt SlimShoe Box Fixture 100-277 Driver DLC Slim Profile of this LED Shoebox Fixture replaces inefficient and outdated Area Lighting / Parking /Street

This LED fixture is Model # FIX240TS277SF. The 240-watt slim type fixture is the next generation model Manufacturing in China . Distribution based in the US. These are UL listed and DLC certified. Some of the advantages of these fixtures are not only price but they are easily upgradeable when the technology increases from the current 130 Lumens per watt to 150 or better the LED modules can be repaired quick, and some as easy as two screws. The LED crystals are by Philips Luxeon. LED crystal are not all created equal. The better the LED crystals produce the clearer and brighter the light is.

The 240-watt Slim shoebox has excellent light distribution, and why does this LED fixture differ from lessor brands? There are more of the LED crystals aimed in the directions needed, offering more coverage.

What is the most common HID Metal Halide or HPS the 240 watt replaces? That would be a 400 watt if you were looking for a bit more light. The 750 Metal Halide would be about the same and equal in my opinion.

How long do LED fixtures last? They have a life expectancy of 50,000 hrs. generally, and these fixtures are 50,000 hrs.

Does the light output become less with age? Yes, but much less than HID fixtures, especially since the age of 50,000 hrs. LED verses a HID bulb that only last an average of 15,000 hrs., will dim to 60% of original light.

Is the driver a good one? Yes. Itís a Meanwell Driver, that has a 48-volt output. The quick connectors make a fast and easy troubleshoot to check for the 48 volts and the driver is good. If the driver checks out less than 48 volts DC, that is likely the problem.

What else makes these LED fixtures easy to maintain? The LED modules are quick and easy to replace sometimes only 4 convenient screws.

What exact color is the 240-watt Shoebox fixture? This is black LED Pole light fixture.

Does it match other than black poles? Yes, at 20 feet or more the color difference is hard to notice. So, they consider the color hue to be in the family of bronze, coffee, or black.

How much light does this fixture really produce? 34,000 Lumens.

What is the kelvin and why does it matter? The kelvin is 5000k, this in my opinion is very close to the HID Metal Halide type of white light, any higher kelvin and the light starts to look kind of blue for my taste.

Does the higher the kelvin produce more light? Yes, but matching with the same type of color is more natural and inviting.