300 Watt Slim ShoeBox Fixture 200-480 Driver

300 Watt Slim ShoeBox Fixture 200-480 Driver
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Product Description

300-Watt Slim Shoe Box Fixture 200-480 Driver DLC Slim Profile of these LED Shoebox Fixtures replace inefficient and outdated Area Lighting / Parking /Street

This LED fixture is Model # FIX300TS480SF.

This Slim 300-watt fixture is manufactured by Tosmart. The fixture uses Philips Luxeon LED modules that now use 125-140 lumens per watt which replace the 1000-watt Metal Halide. These LED fixtures have a light output of 36,000-41,000 lumens. The LED fixtures have a 5-year guarantee backed by Ledsmartfixtures, SNC Manufacturing and Tosmart. The life expectancy for these fixtures is 50,000 hours, which is about 10 years at 12hrs. a night. The LED modules are simple removed with just a few screws. These fixtures are easy to troubleshoot with quick connectors. When checking the voltage of the Meanwell driver is fast and rather simple. This LED fixture is also upgradable with higher lumens per watt when technology makes them available.