300 Watt ShoeBox LED Fixture 100-277 Driver/ White

300 Watt ShoeBox LED Fixture 100-277 Driver/ White
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300-Watt Shoe Box Fixture 100-277 Driver/ White

LED Shoebox Fixtures replace inefficient and outdated Area Lighting / Parking /Street DLC

This LED fixture is Model # FIX300SNC277WHTSF.

This LED Pole light shoebox fixture is the SNC-5300HLT3A white 100-277 Volt AC. This fixture has an adjustable 2 slip fitter bracket, which allows for much greater versatility. The dimensions are 23 1/8 X 16 X 4 9/16. The color temperature is 5000 kelvins and the color rendering index is >70. The Lumen output is 39,000. The driver is a Meanwell HLG-320H-48A and the waterproof rating is IP-65 meaning it truly is for outdoor use.

Is this a quality fixture? Yes, the LED crystals/chips are Philips Luxeon 3030 20 1.5 technology. There are 280 LED crystals, the more crystals the better coverage because they can be aimed differently. The housings are light weight constructed from aluminum and magnesium, only weight 24 pounds. The color of this fixture is white. The warranty is 5 years and backed by Ledsmartfixtures / Tosmart both U.S. companies and SNC from China. Some of the advantages of this LED shoebox fixture are: The low cost and high quality. The LED crystals or chips are Philips Luxeon with current technology. The modules are easily removable for quick servicing. The LED modules are now 130 Lumens per watt and the fixture, maybe 150 Lumens per watt and can be upgraded with just a couple of screws, no problem. The driver is a Meanwell and well recognized. These LED parking lot fixtures are DLC rated and this is the quality rating needed to be able to get incentive credits from the power company if available. The fixtures have a life expectancy of 50,000 hrs. For the life of the fixture you could save as much as 4 bulb replacements of the standard metal halide or high-pressure sodium. Which saves a lot of money in itself. Most LED fixtures will pay for their investment in less than 2 years with the energy savings depending on the kilowatt hours and the cost of the LED fixture. These LED shoebox fixtures do not hum like old school HID, which is annoying. LED fixtures also do not flicker at 60x a second like HID. Why is this a big deal? Less distracting and easier to focus and more calming in my opinion. The SNC as I call square Pole light also has no start up time, and is much eco-friendlier without the mercury bulbs. Most of all with a side by side comparison at night this 300-watt fixture outshines a 1000-watt metal halide fixture, as can be seen on the video (click here). More info on LED videos and quick to the point information. I hope you enjoyed and can use the information and opinions of LEDsmartfixtures.com