Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Aerovox capacitors made in the U.S.A verses Aerovox capacitors made in China or India?

There is no difference, all the capacitors go through the same standardized manufacturing processes, tested before shipment and the materials used in making the Aerovox capacitors are only obtained from certified sources.

Do all capacitors have bleed resistors?

No, only oil-filled capacitors have bleed resistors. Some of the resistors are external (outside of the metal case) and some of the resistors are internal (inside of the metal case).

Why are bleed resistors used on lighting capacitors?

Bleed resistors are used to discharge capacitors to safe voltage levels.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Capacitorking ships all orders placed by 4:00 p.m Eastern Standard Time the same day (Monday-Friday) with no additional charge for stock items. We ship using UPS. Charges vary with the type of service and the ship to address. The exact cost will be calculated as you check out. All products shown are ready for immediate shipment. The availability of an item is based on the time it takes to get the item out of the warehouse, package it and ship it to you. You can expect your order to be shipped the same day if ordered before 5pm. CAPACITORKING DOES NOT SHIP ORDERS ON SATURDAY OR SUNDAY. All orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will ship out on Monday.

Where is your facility located?

Our warehouse is located in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

What if I have a return?

Call 1-800-313-0122 and one of our customer service representatives will work with you to resolve the issue as quickly and easily as possible. All returned items must be returned in original condition. Damaged items will not be accepted as returns.

Do capacitors get weak?

Yes, capacitors do become weak due to various factors and should be checked periodically with a multimeter that tests capacitance.

Can the 14uf 280V capacitor be used for the 150 watt econo-light High Pressure sodium fixtures?

No, the recommended capacitor is the 55uf 240V when rectifying a high reactance ballast to a high power factor fixture. Learn more by reading our article.

Does Ship outside of the United States?

No, CapactiorKing does not ship outside of the U.S.A.

Will sell my name and information to other companies?

No! All information provided is secured and used by only.

Are all the lighting capacitors shown on your online store kept in stock?

Yes, we keep a large inventory of all the products shown on the online store.

How do I track my order?

A tracking number is attached to the invoice that is sent to you upon placing your order.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

No, sales tax must only be paid if you reside in the same state as our warehouse.