LED Flat Panel Bulb 180 Degree 115 Watt 5000K

LED Flat Panel Bulb 180 Degree 115 Watt 5000K
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Product Description

Corn bulb 180 Degree 115Watt 5000K LED Corn Bulb Fixture replaces inefficient and traditional wall packs, streetlights and more

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The 115-watt Corn bulb is 180 degrees. This self-contained LED bulb replaces 320 and 400 watt HID Metal Halide bulbs. So, is the light comparable? To look at a HID Metal Halide 400-watt flood fixture side by side with the 115watt at nighttime with the light on there is no real difference in light output or color. In daylight, there is a visible difference if you are close enough to see the bulb.

Why is the bulb so efficient? The LED chips are aimed only at the area to be lighted. This bulb has 13,500 Lumens and has a kelvin of 5000 which produces a white light that closely matches Metal Halide. These types of bulbs last 50,000 hrs. as do most LED fixtures. They use quality Philips LED Luxeon crystals.

Are these bulbs the latest technology? Yes, they use LED crystals with Philips 3030 technology at 110-130 Lumens per watt. The base is E-39 or mogul size.

What are some of the other advantages of this LED Replacement bulb? Much easier and quick installation. No need to remove, discard and replace heavy fixtures. Just simply remove the existing HID bulb change the lamp socket wires to the proper input voltage supply and then screw in the bulb.

What if the bulb is tight but not in the right direction? The 115-watt 180 degree directional has an adjustable lamp base that rotates 270 degrees.

Good information to know about this bulb: The bulb has a built-in fan Total weight is 2.9 pounds Supply voltage is between 110-277 volts package Dimensions are 11.69 x 5.43 x 3.4 inches . The 180-degree corn bulbs fit where the standard 360-degree cylinder corn bulbs are usually too long to fit the housing.

Check out our videos for replacing HID flood fixtures with the 180-degree directional corn bulbs. (much easier than reading all of this)

How is the 180-degree corn bulb rated? The ALC or area of the lighting classification is an IP54. The unit/ bulb is UL listed. They do have a 5 year Warranty