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Below are articles containing useful information on HID lighting
How to Make Bow fisherman Econo-light Fixtures more efficient
Many Bow-Fishermen rectify their transformers and lamps of their 150-Watt HPS high reactance ballast to a high power factor fixture... (Read more)
What are Probable Causes of Shorted or Open Capacitors?
- Normal Capacitor end-of-life failure

- Overheated due to excessive heat in the fixture or the ambient temperature

... (Read more)
Disconnect the Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium or Pulse Start capacitor from the circuit....(Read more)
HID (high intensity discharge) lamps are typically required when high levels of light are needed to cover large areas. They are the lights you see at ballgames and theme parks, at stadiums and in gyms... (Read more)
High intensity discharge lamps produce light when the gases inside the fused alumina tube are heated to the point of evaporation... (Read more)
How does Metal Halide technology operate?
Metal halide lamps have an efficacy of 60 to 110 lumens per watt and have a warm-up time of 2 to 5 minutes. They have a re-strike time of 10 to 20 minutes. Lamp wattages most commonly range from... (Read more)
How does High Pressure Sodium technology operate?
High pressure sodium (HPS) lamps have an efficacy of 80 to 140 lumens per watt, a long lamp life of 20,000 to 24,000 hours, and the best lumen maintenance of all HID sources. Wattages most commonly range from... (Read more)
What are tungsten electrodes?
Tungsten is a chemical element that is known for its high melting point and robust physical characteristics... (Read more)
What applications are there for HID lamps?
There are numerous applications for HID. They are in high demand in areas that require lots of lights, like stadiums, football fields, warehouses, parking lots, roadways, sidewalks,... (Read more)
What are Oil-Filled Capacitors?
Oil-Filled Capacitors supplied today contain non-PCB oil and are a UL recognized component. Oil-Filled capacitorsare only supplied with ballasts where the capacitor operating voltage... (Read more)
What are Dry Film Capacitors (Dry Metalized Film Capacitors)?
Dry Film Capacitors (Dry Metalized Film Capacitors) are available to fill almost all needs for HID ballast applications. Advance's dry film capacitors typically require only half the space used by oil-filled capacitors due to their not requiring... (Read more)
Any fixture that includes a ballast with an Ignitor will have high voltage pulses at the lamp socket, when power is applied to the ballast and the lamp is not operating, that can damage a voltmeter used to measure... (Read more)
A lamp will only operate properly when used with the ballast designed for that particular lamp. The lamps to be used with particular ballast are listed on the ballast label and in the ballast literature... (Read more)
How does Pulse Start Metal Halide technology operate?
Lamp manufacturers sought to improve standard probe start metal halide lighting (175 to 1000W). They did so by changing the chemistry and fill pressure in the lamp arc tube to increase lumen efficacy... (Read more)